10 Units Life Size Realistic Mechanical Dinosaurs Finished In Factory

After 45 days good efforts by our engineers , we have finished the 10 big life size realistic mechanical dinosaurs in factory for our Regular customer in Czech Republic. Are there any dinosaurs model that you will be interested in ? 🙂

Order list :

DWD1329 Big Diplodocus 1 Pc
DWD125 Brachiosaurus 2 Pcs
DWD101 Spinosaurus 1 Pc
DWD013 Polacanthus 2 Pcs
DWS002 Hadrosaurus skeleton 1 Pc
DWD038 Big Triceratops 1 Pc
DWD1340 Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 Pcs

12m long Robotic T-Rex Alive Looking Animatronic Dinosaur Spinosaurus Alive Looking Polacanthus Dinosaur Model DWD038-3 Triceratops Animatronic Dinosaur DWD038-3 Triceratops Robotic Dinosaur DWD125-1 Brachiosaurus Life Size Dinosaur DWD125-1 Brachiosaurus Mechanical Dinosaur DWD1329-2 Big Diplodocus Realistic Dinosaur DWD1329-2 Huge Diplodocus Dinosaur Model DWD1342-1 T-Rex Animatronic Hadrosaurs Fossils Replica Life Size Dinosaur Skeleton Replica Hadrosaurs Mechanical T-Rex Model Simulation Dinosaur Polacanthus Spinosaurus Robotic Dinosaur

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