Animatronic animals exhibition in turkey

Animatronic animals exhibition in turkey

In October 2016 our customer will hold an  animatronic animals exhibition in a park in Istanbul,capital of Turkey  no doubt, The Ice Age e-simulation animal is the second most popular simulation product show in addition to the simulated dinosaurs.,You dare to imagine the giants of the Ice Age that came to your life  from 10,000 years ago. the shock from ice Age give audience brought a  huge impact to  the audience. just like our dinosaurs exhibits .for the public,the animals of the Ice Age can  be very close to our lives .Because we can find animals that are currently close relatives. Today’s animal ancestors are bigger and more violent, such as mammoths, cave bears, spider mites…

In order to carry out propaganda work earlier。in Apr 2016 they began to order the various of the animatronic animals. Because there have been countless cooperations, the customer contacted us for the first time. after a period communication.we  determine the number and quality requirement of the customer  orders,Delivery period. And delivery method.we sent the offer sheet to our customer in email.they reply to us at once.

we started to production,below you can see some charts of the progress.

from may 13th 2016 to may 23 2016. only 10 days .we produced all the animatronic animals  to be exhibit on the Ice Age exhibition.from here you can see how powerful we are

Due to space limitations, here are some pictures of works from the Ice Age