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In this page , you will see our factory’s latest models making process including animatronic dinosaurs , animatronic animals , ice age animals , kids dig fossils replica ,dinosaur skeleton replica , dinosaur fossils & bones replica , fiberglass cartoon characters , theme dinosaur park entance , walking dinosaur rides , kids entertainment models , dinosaur costumes , dinosaur suit , dinosaur puppet and dinosaur rides etc … Hope you can enjoy and have more knowledge about our company by viewing this page 🙂

Shape and Skin Working For Animatronic Animals In Factory

Animatronic Animals Ordered By Italian Customer 2016

Italian customer own a Theme Park in Tuscany ( Italy ) , they…
Animatronic Dinosaur , Animatronic Animals , Dinosaur Skeleton Making Process In Factory

Mexico Customer Ordered 9 Units Artificial Animals Model From Us 2015

We received a lot of inquiries from Mexico customer in the past…
Sponge Attach On The Skin Of The Metal Structure Of Animatronic Seals

Australia Customer Ordered Two Animatronic Seals From Us For Discovery Channel 2015

Customer in Australia is specializes in unscripted formats for…
Sponge Working and Skeleton Mold For Dinosaurs Sep. 7th 2015

Czech Republic Customer Eleventh Animatronic Dinosaurs Order From 2008-2015

After 8 years cooperation with our Czech Republic customer ,…
Sponge Working For T-Rex Costume And Animatronic Pterosaur

Sweden Customer Dinosaur Costume And Animatronic Pterosaur Order 2015

Customer in Sweden own a big exhibition room , they will have…
Sponge Working For Animatronic Dinosaurs and Mold For Fiberglass Dinosaurs Jun. 10th 2015

Asian Customer Ordered 10 Units Dinosaur Models From Us 2015

Customer in Asian is going to have a big dinosaurs exhibition…
Dinosaur Costume Packing And Transportation From Factory To Dubai

Dubai Customer Ordered 1 Unit T-Rex Dinosaur Costume From Us 2015

Customer is going to have a telecom advertisement show and Prank…
Mold Making Process For Fiberglass Cartoon Characters 2

Korean Customer Ordered 5 Units Fiberglass Comic Cartoon Characters From Us 2015

Customer own a kids theme park in Korea and they are going to…
Packing And Transportation For T-Rex Dinosaur Costume From Our Factory To Canada Museum

Canada Museum Ordered 1 Unit Walking T-Rex Dinosaur Costume From Us 2015

Canada customer in Kitchener own a dinosaur museum , they often…