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In this page , you will see our factory’s latest models making process including animatronic dinosaurs , animatronic animals , ice age animals , kids dig fossils replica ,dinosaur skeleton replica , dinosaur fossils & bones replica , fiberglass cartoon characters , theme dinosaur park entance , walking dinosaur rides , kids entertainment models , dinosaur costumes , dinosaur suit , dinosaur puppet and dinosaur rides etc … Hope you can enjoy and have more knowledge about our company by viewing this page 🙂

Animatronic Dinosaurs Packing and Transportation From Factory

India Customer Ordered 6 Units Animatronic Dinosaurs From Us 2011

Customer in India own a kids theme park , in order to increasing…
7 Units Animatronic Dinosaur and dinosaur skeleton replica Finished In Factory

Czech Republic Customer Third Orders To Our Company 2010

After several months , customer start his third orders to our…
Animatronic Dinosaurs Sponge Working In Factory May. 17th 2010
Animatronic Raptor Packing In Factory
Animatronic Dinosaurs Loading into 40feet Containers

3 Units Big Animatronic Dinosaurs Ordered By Poland Jurassic Park Customer 2010

Customer in Poland ordered 3pieces big animatronic dinosaurs…
Animatronic Dinosaurs Making Process in Factory

Czech Republic Customer Second Order ( 2 Units Big Animatronic Dinosaurs ) 2010

After the first 6pieces animatronic dinosaurs and 2pieces of…
Animatronic Dinosaurs Metal Structure Finished In Factory

24 Units Life Size Animatronic Dinosaurs Ordered By UK Customer

Clients in the UK ordered 24 life size animatronic dinosaurs…
animatronic lion , giraffe , butterflies , hippo , rhinoceros , leopard , crocodile , elephant making process in factory 2

17units Life Size Animatronic Animals Ordered By Cyprus Customers 2009-2010

Customer in Cyprus has a jungle theme restaurant , in order…